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Event : Casting Classes
Event Date: Saturday, July 11, 2015
  2015 CASTING CLINICS—CHARLIE’S FLY BOX 2 hours; 1 – 3 PM--$50 per person—Limit 8 Per Class • Come join us for these great clinics that will improve your fishing and casting! Sign up for one, some or all of these classes! • The first clinic emphasizes skills critical for obtaining the most from your equipment and yourself! This is a great foundation for all types of fishing and for the rest of the clinics offered. • In subsequent clinics these skills will be reviewed for new and repeat participants (so if you miss the first one foundation skills will still be covered!) but the majority of the time will be spent on the topic at hand. • There will be some overlap in skills covered between classes and there should be time for questions and interaction with the instructor. • The instructor, Jonathan Walter, is an International Federation of Fly Fishers Master Certified Casting Instructor and has over 20 years of teaching and fishing experience. 3/28--“Get More for Less”: Improving Basic and Roll Cast Efficiency 4/4--“On the Money”: Achieving Accuracy 5/9--“Irresistible”: Achieving better presentation 7/11—“Going Long 1”: Fundamentals of Distance 7/25—“Going Long 2”: Distance and Double Haul 8/22—“When You’re Up Against the Wall”: Single Handed Spey Casts 9/12—“Heavy Lifting”: Dealing with Wind and Weight INDIVIDUAL CLASS DESCRIPTIONS 3/28--“Get More for Less”: Improving Basic and Roll cast Efficiency In this clinic learn loop formation and loop control---the basis of all good casting! Anglers will learn how to form narrow loops with less effort. With narrow loop formation accomplished, forming wide loops and their importance will be covered. Anglers will learn to shoot line for distance more efficiently. Finally, roll casting with greater efficiency and distance will be taught. There will be an emphasis on error recognition and correction. 4/11--“On the Money”: Achieving Accuracy Get better at getting your fly to the fish! This class and the “presentation” class are truly where casting and line control intersect with catching fish! Three important elements of accuracy will be taught and practiced in this clinic. Loop formation and control will be briefly reviewed first to help bring all participants to the same skill level. There will be explanation, demonstration and practice of each of the elements with various targets. Come join us and get that fly “on the money.” 5/9--“Irresistible”: Achieving better presentation Imitating a natural insect is a major part of fly fishing, yet often the “wrong” fly presented properly works where a poor presentation fails! As in other clinics, we will spend a bit of time initially reviewing fundamentals of an efficient cast. Various presentation casts and mends will be practiced so that you can immediately take them fishing. Most importantly, we will discuss planning a presentation---the preparation that must take place before you cast. Make your fly irresistible! 6/6—“Impress Your Guide (and Yourself)”: Better Drift Boat Casting There are some important skills that will make you better prepared for that drift boat trip! Join this class to learn about picking up a longer line, minimizing false casting, shooting for distance, handling slack, mending, and more. You will leave with techniques to practice and use for fishing. As always, we will spend the first 30-40 minutes reviewing fundamentals of efficient loop formation and control. Join us before you step in the boat---you’ll be glad you did! 7/11—“Going Long 1”: Fundamentals of Distance There is no secret to distance! This class and “Going Long 2” are truly for advanced beginners and intermediate casters. You need sound casting technique to achieve distance and utilize double haul. This clinic will start with practicing narrow loop formation with minimum effort. Longer line carry and speed will be covered as well as effectively shooting line. We will discuss when to use drift and avoiding creep and tailing loops. We will wrap up the class with a casting contest for bragging rights! 7/25—“Going Long 2”: Distance and Double Haul Surprise! Double haul does not improve your cast! You need sound casting technique to achieve distance and utilize double haul. Taking “Going long 1” is highly recommended for this clinic. We’ll review fundamentals of good technique especially as they pertain to distance. Then we’ll add double haul. Students will leave with practice drills. We will wrap up with a casting contest judging longest distance with the best form and timing. This is gonna be fun!! 8/22—“When You’re Up Against the Wall”: Single Handed Spey Casts No back cast room? Just want to learn something new? Always wanted to try these cool casts? Join us for this clinic! We’ll start by reviewing the basic roll cast which is the final common pathway to delivery. This will be followed with the switch cast, single spey, double spey, and others. These are excellent casts for tight quarters, some windy conditions, and changing directions quickly and can be used in any type of fly fishing. 9/12—“Heavy Lifting”: Dealing with Wind and Weight Dealing with weighted flies and sinking lines doesn’t have to be hard! Casting in the wind doesn’t have to be so intimidating! Loop formation and control are critical and will be reviewed first followed by practicing techniques for dealing with weight. Students will get a chance to cast a sinking line and/or weighted fly. Techniques for managing headwinds and side winds will be covered.