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Floating Nymph
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Pattern Floating Nymph
Floating Nymph
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Entered Thu, 02 Jun 2005
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 100 #16-24 Thread: 14/0 Gray Tail: Dark Dun Hackle Fibers Abdomen: Mahogany Brown Superfine Dubbing Rib: Fine Copper Wire Wingcase: Nature's Spirit Nature's Finest Dubbing, Gray. Legs: Dark Dun Hackle Fibers Thorax: Mahogany Superfine Dubbing
Pattern Description
The Floating Nymph comes from the vise of Idaho's Mike Lawson. This pattern was one of the first of its kind, in that it gives the profile of a nymph suspended at the surface of the water, but doesn't rely on hackle or CDC to make it float. In fact, this pattern has been around much longer than these newer pattern types! The Floating Nymph requires a few new tying techniques, some of which have fallen out of favor with the "in" crowd. Not many folks know how to tie this little critter, and these techniques are good ones to add to your arsenal. I fish these patterns on a long, thin leader to rising fish that I can see. The fly has a very small profile and can be a nit difficult to spot, but this same profile makes it a favorite of the fish. Tie a few up, in colors to match your favorite mayfly, and pull them out the next time you encounter selective fish.