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Trico Spinner
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Pattern Trico Spinner
Trico Spinner
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Entered Tue, 26 Jul 2005
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 101 #18-26 Thread: 10/0 Black for male Spinner, 8/0 Pale Olive for female spinner Tails: 3 White Microfibbetts Abdomen: Tying thread Hackle: Grizzly Neck or saddle Wings: White Float-Viz or Flouro-Fiber Thorax: Black Superfine Dubbing
Pattern Description
This is a little trico spinner pattern that I came up with back when I was guiding theSouth Platte. Tricos are such tiny bugs, and sit so low in the water, it just plain hard to see 'em! I got to playing around at the bench and came up with the idea to add a hackle through the thorax to increase the angler visibility without compromising the silhouette of the fly. A happy side effect was that the hackle helped the flotation of the fly too! I also believe that the hackle actually adds to the silhouette of the fly, providing that wide wing profile that fish are looking for when searching the surface for their next meal. This type of spinner pattern is really nothing unusual, nor is the addition of the hackle, but it did sprout from my weary head, so I'm claiming credit for it here! I like to grease this up with a bit of flotant and attach it to a long, thin leader. I prefer knotted leaders for this type of fishing, where presentation is of paramount importance. The knotted leaders turn over so much better than factory extruded leaders and are much more accurate. Fish feeding on tricos won't move far for a bite, and you've got to get the fly right between their eyes to interest them. This pattern coupled with an accurate drift has proven to be money in the bank for me!