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Rojo Midge
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Pattern Rojo Midge
Rojo Midge
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Category Nymphs
Entered Wed, 09 Nov 2005
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 200 #16-22 Thread: 8/0 Light Olive Bead: X-Small Red Glass Bead Gill Tuft: Ultra-Floss Dental Floss Rib: Chartreuse Lagartun Wire, fine Abdomen: Tying Thread Collar: Bright Green Dyed Peacock Herl
Pattern Description
The Rojo Midge comes from the vise of Greg Garcia. Many of you know Greg from his work in one of our local front-range shops. He is a super nice, soft-spoken guy who really gets into his tying. Methodical would be a good descriptor for Greg's work. The Rojo was Greg's first pattern with Umpqua feather Merchants, and it was a wise choice. The small glass bead combined with a gill tuft and bright wire rib make for a killing fly. Fish the Rojo as you would any other midge pattern, with some weight on the leader and an indicator. Greg assures me that it will make a believer of you too!