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McFly Foam Egg
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Pattern McFly Foam Egg
McFly Foam Egg
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Category Alaska
Entered Wed, 18 Jan 2006
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 2488H #10-16.........................Thread: GSP 50, color to match the egg.............................Egg and Yolk: McFly Foam...............Special tools: Razor Blades
Pattern Description
Of all the patterns I tie, the egg fly is perhaps the most asked for demonstration. Getting the yarn to form a smooth, round ball can be a trick, and there are certainly a bundle of tricks to help this happen. First off, throw away your old Egg Yarn and get some of the new McFly Foam. McFly Foam is not foam at all, but a heavy nylon material with some stretch to it. The stretch allows the material to be bound tightly to the hook with a minimum of bulk. Also, forget about the old adage of using Kevlar thread for eggs...it just ain't needed anymore. The new GSP 50 (gel spun polyethylene) thread is nearly as small as 10/0 thread and every bit as strong as Kevlar. This thinner thread allows again, for the Mc Fly Foam to be bound tightly with little unneccesary bulk. Don't try triming these with your scissors either...use a razor blade, a nice, SHARP, new one...it makes a much cleaner finished egg and saves your scissors for real flies. I won't go into fishing eggs here, as this info is found elsewhere in the FlyBox, so you'll have to dig a little for it. Get some hooks and these materials and get to it...spring's a-comin'!