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Sex Dungeon (Variation)
Sex Dungeon (Variation) View this recipe at Charlie's FlyBox
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Pattern Sex Dungeon (Variation)
Sex Dungeon (Variation)
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Category Streamers
Entered Thu, 27 Sep 2007
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Back Hook: TMC 5262 #4, Front Hook: 5262 #2............Thread: GSP 200 Brown>>>>>>>>>Wing: Barred Zonker Strip, color of choice>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hackle: Grizzly Dyed Tan Hen Saddle>>>>>>>>>>>>Body: Variegated Chenille>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Legs: Orange Sili Legs>>>Junction between hooks: 30# Test Fireline>>>>>>>Eyes: Large sized Lead eyes, gold>>>>>>Head: Mixed Tan and Rusty Brown Deer Hair, spun and trimmed to shape:
Pattern Description
This pattern is a variation on Kelly Galloup's wonderful streamer, the Sex Dungeon. I have heard rumors that this fly was given its unusual name because frankly, like an actual Sex Dungeon, this fly has alot going on. This fly is an articulated pattern (two hooks joined together) meant to imitate either a large baitfish or even midsize trout. You can easily alter the colors of the fly to match whatever you think the carnivores in your favorite stream may be feasting on. The articulation on pattens like this allow for a very large fly with a seductive, undulating action unmatched by conventional streamers. As you have all learned by now, I very rarely leave a pattern be when I add it to this site and the Sex Dungeon will be no exception. Galloup uses wire threaded with a few small glass beads to join the hooks together and prevent the back hook from fouling around the front hook. I tied several of these flies this way and find that the inherent space between the hooks is just too abvious for my sensibilities. I am sure the fish could care less about this space, but having that big gap in the middle reminds me just a bit too much of a broken back Rapala. I opt for a juncture of thirty pound test Fireline, a relatively stiff super braid, that will allow th rear hook to swing freely but still offer enough rigidity to keep it from fouling. I also added a barred Zonker strip across the top of the fly, where Galloup's original is essentially two buggers wired together with a deer hair head on the front hook. Adding the zonker strip creates even more movement, and the snakelike saunter of the rabbit strip is hard to argue with. I like to fish these flies on a short, stout leader (0X) on the end of a sink tip line, or thrown at the banks from a drift boat or raft on a floating line and long leader. Big bites like this tend to really pull the monsters out, and even if a big giant fish only flashes this fly, once you know where he lives, you can develop a plan to get him to bite. Often enough, the tanks will just blast this fly and then you won't have to worry about plan B. But you will have to worry about casting this thing...better go practice on the yard...