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Skinny Nelson
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Pattern Skinny Nelson
Skinny Nelson
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Category Nymphs
Entered Tue, 30 Oct 2007
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 3761 #16-20>>>>>>>>>>> Bead: (Optional) Black Tungsten, sized to hook>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Thread: Black 70 Denier>>>>>>>>>> Tail: Ringneck Pheasant Tail Fibers>>>>>> Rib: Small Gold Wire>>>>>>>>>>>> Abdomen: Black 70 Denier Tying Thread>>>>>>> Wingcase: Pearl Flashabou>>>>>>>>>>> Thorax: Peacock Herl
Pattern Description
The Skinny Nelson was developed by Tracy Peterson of Corvalis, Oregon. It seems this fly was conceived for the bighorn River, during a period of low water years, where its sparse profile and unobtrusiveness made it a killer. Tracy later added a tungsten bead to this super simple pattern to add a bit of weight and make the fly a bit more useful in a dry-dropper application. My partner, Ross Bartholomay fell in love with this fly and every time we go out fishing he has a slew of them in his box. He loves the thin-ness of this pattern, and I beleive this fly works so well because it can cross over from a baetis nymph to a midge pattern in the blink of an eye! This is a ridiculously easy pattern to tie and it will take no time to fill up a row in your fly box, so stop sitting around on the internet and get to tying!