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Pattern Sculpzilla
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Category Streamers
Entered Wed, 14 Nov 2007
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hooks: Gamakatsu Octopus hook, #4 for trailer, TMC 811S #1/0 for the main hook. The main hook is cut off at the bend once the fly is completed, so a cheaper hook would be a fine substitute. You just need a hook with a relatively large hook eye and reasonably long shank.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Thread: Black 3/0 Monochord>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wing: Rabbit Strip, Sand Variant>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cone: Spirit River Cross Eyed Cone, Black 3/8>>>> Eyes: Red 3D Eyes glued into Head>>>>> Body: Olive Ice Dubbing>>>>>>>>>>>> Gills: Red Guinea Body Feather>>>>>>>>>> Skirt: Olive Marabou, wrapped as a collar>>>>>> Collar: Grizzly Dyed Olive Chickabou Nose: Hot Pink or Hot Orange 140 Denier UTC Thread
Pattern Description
Sculpzilla comes from Solitude Fly Company and is one of the hottest streamers to come out in years. This articulated fly has a slinky attitude and sinks quite well. The best part of this fly is that it is relatively easy to tie! I fished this fly in Idaho this fall and had fish go absolutely ape-shit over it. Matt"Big Fish" Prowse landed what may be the biggest trout I've ever personally seen caught on a Sculpzilla while we were over there. Let me tell you, it was tough to fit in the boat with him after he landed that fish! The whole rest of the week he insisted we call him "Big Fish", and painfully enough, his luck held out. Tie up some Sculpzillas and tuck them in your fly box for a day to be determined...you never know when you might end up with someone like Matt in the boat and need to shut him up!