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Pattern Hornberg
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Category Streamers
Entered Wed, 21 Nov 2007
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 5262 #2-14>>>>>>>> Thread: Black 70 denier>>>>>>>> Body: Lagartun Mini-Flat braid, gold, or flat mylar tinsel>>>>>>>> Inner-Wing: Yellow Hackle tips from a Chinese Neck>>>>>>> Outer-Wing: Matched Mallard Flank Feathers>>>> Eyes: Jungle Cock Nails>>>>>>>> Hackle: Grizzly Hen Neck Feathers
Pattern Description
The Hornberg comes from the mid-west originally, but has been a favorite pattern of many old timers in Colorado and Wyoming. The very first commercial order of flies I ever tied was a batch of Hornbergs and I have hated them ever since;-) The "Hornberger" as my wife likes to call this fly, uses a matched pair of yellow hackle tips as an "inner-wing", with a matched pair of mallard flank feathers on the outside. I tie the fly here wiht a soft grizzly hen hackle collar, but this fly can and is fished as a dry with a dry fly quality feather collar. The most common method of fishing this fly, aside from behind a clear bubble on a spinning rod, is to cast it out dry and let it drift, once it gets to the end of the drift, let it swing under the water and let it swing through the arc at the end of the cast. Finish up the cast by stripping the fly back to you like a streamer...you can't say this fly doesn't cover all the bases! Of course, you can tie this fly on a variety of different hook styles, as well as using either the soft hen feathers for the collar or the stiffer rooster neck feathers, it's all up to you!