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Shaggy Leech
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Pattern Shaggy Leech
Shaggy Leech
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Entered Mon, 07 Apr 2008
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: Gamakatsu S11S-4L2H or Tiemco 9395, both ring eyed 4X long streamer hooks in sizes 4 through 14.............................. Bead: Tungsten or brass bead sized to hook, can be gold, copper or black colored to suit pattern...... Weight: (Optional) Lead wire........................ Tail: Maroon Marabou Fibers......................... Flash: 2 strands on each side of the tail of Flashabou, in this case, red.............................. Body: Kaufmann's Mini Leech Dubbing, wine or to match natural
Pattern Description
It recently has come to my attention that this site contains NO leech patterns! Well, it seems as though that was right, so here I am to fix it! This little leech pattern is nothing terribly original, but is non-the-less a great imitation of a bloodsucker. This is a quick, easy tie and can be made in a variety of different colors to match whatever you pull out of your local waters. The version I tie here has a long tail, although many tyers like to go much shorter. I always figure I can pinch the tail down shorter out on the water if needed, but I sure can't make it get any longer if I tie it short so... Leeches work very well in the lakes and reservoirs throughout Colorado. Spinney and Antero Reservoirs as well as Delaney buttes all spring to mind as good leech waters, although I have also found scads of them in the Colorado River around Parshall (these are brown colored ones) and in the North Platte on the Grey Reef section. In rivers, I typically fish these dead drift with intermitent twitches given along the way to impart some action to the tails, while in lakes I like to fish them on a long leader and floating line or even perhaps with an intermediate line and shorter leader depending on how deep the fish are holding. A slow steady retireve really lights fish up with this fly and they love to eat it on the pause between strips. leeches don't swim very fast so keep this in mind as you fish this fly.