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Plain Old Scud
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Pattern Plain Old Scud
Plain Old Scud
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Category Stillwater
Entered Tue, 09 Jun 2009
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 2487 or 2457 #12-20>>>>>> Weight: .010 lead wire>>>>>>> Thread: 8/0 Olive dun UNI>>>>>>> Tail (antennae): Dyed Mallard Flank>>>>>> Ribbing: 6X Mono>>>>>> Shellback: Swiss Straw>>>>>>> Body: Smoky Olive Sow Scud Dubbing
Pattern Description
It occured to me today in the shop that there are at least two scud patterns already listed on the site here, but one is sort of complicated (the Tucker Scud) and the other, while just fine is a VERY old tutorial and could stand to be updated, so here we are. I call this pattern the Plain Old Scud, because there is really nothing fancy about it. Of course you can tie it in a flashback version by adding a strip of pearl sheeting to the back in place of the Swiss Straw I will use here, and I suppose you could even add a bead if you wanted, but as it is presented here is the pattern I have been using for scuds in lakes and streams for the past several years. I stumbled onto the Swiss Straw back a few years back and it not only comes in a perfect olive grey color, it also becomes incredibly juicy when it gets wet. Besides, I hate doing things like everyone else does them so I had to change it up. I typically do weight my scuds as I find they get down to the fishes level faster when sight fishing in lakes and that keeps me from having to lead a fish by thirty feet to get the fly down to his level. I like this part. I use the same scud in rivers as well, because ...well, because it would be silly to have to carry weighted ones and unweighted ones. So there. And yes, before you ask, you can certainly change the color of the dubbing, shellback and tail to match whatever you want. Scuds come in all sorts of colors when they are live and various shades of orange when they're dead, so just match the natural as close as you can and you ought to be catching fish.