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Rubber Leg Stimulator
Rubber Leg Stimulator View this recipe at Charlie's FlyBox
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Pattern Rubber Leg Stimulator
Rubber Leg Stimulator
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Entered Mon, 07 Sep 2009
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 512 #6-14..... Thread: 70 Denier Flo. Fire Orange...... Butt: Tying Thread..... Tail: Yearling Elk.... Rib: Fine Copper Wire.... Abdomen: Yellow Antron Dubbing.... Body Hackle: Brown Rooster Neck or Saddle.... Wing: Yearling Elk.... Thorax Hackle: Grizzly Rooster Neck or Saddle..... Legs: Medium Orange Round Rubber.... Thorax: Flo. Fire Orange Antron Dubbing
Pattern Description
I finally got a chance to sit down today and knock out a quick tutorial for the rubber legged Stimulator. I have received several requests for a step by step on this fly and it seems the addition of the legs makes this fly a bit tricky for most tyers. In reality, adding the legs is a simple maneuver and adds both some wiggle and some surface area to an already productive fly. Here is is: Now give it a try.