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Iris Caddis
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Pattern Iris Caddis
Iris Caddis
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Category Emergers
Entered Sun, 20 Dec 2009
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 100SPBL #14-20>>>>> Thread: 8/0 Camel Brown>>>>> Shuck: Amber Zelon>>>>> Abdomen: Hare's Mask Dubbing, natural or dyed. In this case I have used Gold Dyed Hare's Mask.>>>>> Wing: Amber, white or dun Zelon.>>>>> Thorax: Same dubbing as abdomen.
Pattern Description
This cool little caddis emerger pattern comes from the gang at Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone. The Iris Caddis is a low floating caddis emerger pattern that utilizes a very unkempt body and unusual wing configuration to match up to the naturals. A Zelon shuck trails from the back of the fly further enhancing the crippled/emerger look. My friend Brandon Patterson and I had a great evening of fishing on the Colorado River earlier this spring using the Iris Caddis to fool the unusually selective browns. It seems that over the past few years the browns up there have not only gotten a fair bit bigger, but also more than a fair bit pickier. Where they used to slash at any skating caddis dry pattern, they now hovered in narrow feeding lanes shunning anything that floated high on the surface. Brandon and I were sharing a rod so one could fish while the other could concentrate on trash talking. After an inordinate amount of perfect drifts and fly changes, I knotted the Iris Caddis to the 5x tippet and made a drift to the nearest trout. Just like we had been hoping all along, the fish rose confidently up and ate the low floating caddis with a confident rise. We continued beating them up until it was too dark to see and spent the drive home lamenting how tough these fish had been. That is: HAD been until we put on the Iris Caddis. Now go tie some up and make your own fish story.