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Pattern ParaWulff
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Entered Tue, 21 Dec 2010
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 100SP-BL #12-18>>>>> Thread: TMC 16/0 White, I use this new thread for a couple reasons here. It has good strength and is quite small. It is very similar to the old Gudebrod 10/0 thread but with better strength and believe it or not, it seems even smaller to me. It lays flat and works wonderfully on small flies or flies that require a lot of thread work.>>>>> Wing: White Calf Body Hair>>>>> Tail: Moose Hock>>>>> Rib: Pearl Krystal Flash>>>>> Abdomen: Purple Dubbing of your choice, I used Spirit River Atlantic Salmon Micro Dub in Violet color>>>>> Hackle: Brown and Grizzly Rooster neck or saddle>>>>> Thorax: Same Dubbing as abdomen
Pattern Description
The ParaWulff comes from Jack Dennis of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jack has come up with a nifty little parachute variation featuring two, rather than the traditional single, wings. We have been selling this pattern like mad the last couple seasons in both the purple version shown here as well as the Adams version. I have to admit this fly took me a little thinking to figure out. Tying a parachute is easy enough, and tying an upright, divided hair wing is simple too, but combining the two caused some issues for me. I finally figured out that I needed to post the wing as a single unit first, then divide the hair with X-wraps, then post each wing separately. Like I mentioned, this fly took some figuring out... Once I established the winging process, the rest of the fly is tied like a standard Parachute pattern and I suggest you first peruse the Parachute Blue Wing Olive tutorial on the site here before diving into this one. Rather than repeating so many of the same steps and details again here, I will let you take a look at the parachute tutorial then come back to this tutorial for the trick to making these divided, upright, parachute posted hair wings. Fish this fly anywhere you would fish an attractor or parachute pattern of another style. The heavier hackle helps float this fly in some pretty rough water and the double post really does stand out well on the water for visibility. Dig in...this fly is at first frustrating, then incredibly fun.