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Tellico Nymph
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Pattern Tellico Nymph
Tellico Nymph
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Entered Sun, 02 Jan 2011
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 3761 #10-18>>>>> Thread: White 70 Denier UTC and finished with TMC 16/0 black>>>>> Weight: Lead Wire>>>>> Tail: Originally natural guinea body feathers, but I subbed in well marked teal flank just because...>>>>> Shellback: Natural Mottled Turkey Wing Quill>>>>> Rib: Peacock herl twisted with fine copper wire>>>>>> Abdomen: Bright Yellow Rayon Floss>>>>> Hackle: Brown Hen Neck>>>>> Coating: Clear Cure Goo, Thin
Pattern Description
This old timey pattern comes from eastern Tennesee and is a favorite pattern for many anglers in the south eastern U.S. The Tellico used to be a pretty common pattern even out here in the west, but for some reason it seems to have fallen out of favor. Fortunately for us, the fish have not forgotten about the Tellico. It's a simple and fun pattern to tie and fish still find it appealing. Just for kicks, try varying some of the body floss colors for different effects. I've thrown my own variable into this one here with a coated shellback that will add both some weight and durability to the pattern. I'll also show how to make the fragile peacock rib a bit more durable and a few tips on working with floss. See if you can't find some new trick on this old fly.