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Clown Shoe Caddis, Zimmerman's
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Pattern Clown Shoe Caddis, Zimmerman's
Clown Shoe Caddis, Zimmerman's
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Entered Sun, 23 Jan 2011
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 2487 #12-18>>>>> Thread: Olive Dun 8/0>>>>> Overbody: Small Clear D-Rib>>>>> Wing: Yearling Elk dyed Dun>>>>> Hackle: Grizzly Rooster Saddle or Neck>>>>> Indicator: Cerise (or other hi vis color) McFlyFoam>>>>> Thorax: Black Superfine Dubbing
Pattern Description
This cool little pattern comes from Jay Zimmerman up in Boulder, Colorado. Seems Jay weanted a fly that he could fish all season long with or without a dropper and after plenty of variations and testing, what we see here is what he came up with. Jay uses somewhat heavy V-rib or D-rib for the body of this fly to help the fly sit properly with or without a dropper. The dense body tied on the curved shank TMC 2487 sits low in the water, perhaps imitating an emerger to a degree, while allowing the wing and trimmed hackle to create surface area to hold the fly up. Jay uses cerise colored McFlyFoam for the indicator on his flies and this comes from trying a variety of colors and concluding that the hot pink cerise color was most visible for most anglers. I agree with this and find the hot pink to be the most visible myself, but I tied the fly here with orange because...well, because I didn't have any cerise McFoam hanging around. This is a fun fly to tie and there are a couple subtle tricks to make it easier. Of course you can alter the colors of any of the components to match caddis, small stones and yellow Sallies as need be. Grab your stuff and get tying...