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Czech Nymph
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Pattern Czech Nymph
Czech Nymph
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Entered Fri, 27 Aug 2004
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 2499SP-BL or 2488H #6-16 Thread: White 70 Denier UTC Weight: Lead Wire Shellback: Tan 1/8th Inch Scud Back Over Rib: 5X Mono Under Rib: Copper Wire Abdomen: Olive Dubbing (SLF Master Class used here, Wapsi Sow-Scud dubbing works well as would any coarse type synthetic dubbing. Colors can be altered to match local insects.) Head: Black Peacock Ice Dub, again, substitute as necessary.
Pattern Description
My friend, Vince Ordonez, brought the Czech Nymph to my attention. The Czech Nymph gets its name from the Czechoslovakian National Fly-Fishing Team who used this fly in the world championships. Apparently, the fly worked very well. This pattern really reminds me a lot of the Barr Net Builder Caddis. I have used the Net Builder with great success on the Colorado River, near Parshall, Colorado, where it imitates the numerous free-living, net building caddis larvae. These bugs can get quite large. A pattern tied on a size six hook is not too big, but I more commonly fish it in size ten through fourteen. Fish the Czech nymph with split shot on the bottom of the river with a dead drift. The Net Builders are present year round and the fish will really key in on them in the early spring and summer. I really like the look of this fly and look forward to adding it to my arsenal. Spring is here and it wont be long before a few trout get cross-Czeched!