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Aggravator, Burk's
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Pattern Aggravator, Burk's
Aggravator, Burk's
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Category Nymphs
Entered Sun, 20 Feb 2011
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 200 #6-16>>>>> Bead: Brass or Tungsten, color of your choice and sized to match the hook>>>>>> Weight: (optional) Lead wire sized to hook.>>>>> Tag: Pearl Krystal Flash>>>>> Tail: Spirit River Mottlebou>>>>> Rib: Pearl Krystal Flash>>>>> Abdomen: Dubbing of your choice, I used gold hare's mask dubbing for the pattern here, but antron dubbing in olive, black, brown, golden or whatever catches your eye will work too.>>>>> Legs: Tan SuperFloss or Flexi-Floss, or sub as above>>>>> Thorax: Dubbing again, I used the poll fur (the darker, spikier stuff between the eyes) from a gold hare's mask here, but antron or damn near any other dubbing would work>>>> Wingcase: Turkey Tail Feather slip, coated with Vinyl Cement and cut with a notch, you can also use Thinskin applied in the same manner>>>>
Pattern Description
This is a super cool little cross over pattern from the mega-mind of Andy Burk. With a sparse marabou tail, slender body, jiggling rubber legs and unique wingcase, this fly can cross over from a damselfly nymph to a stonefly to a minnow to a crawdad to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich by merely altering your thoughts on fishing it. I've tied up a bunch of these for my "little bit of everything" box and am looking forward to tossing them this season. Of course you can alter the body materials to suit your needs, as I have done here. The original pattern is tied much more sparsely than my version here, and uses antron dubbing for both the abdomen and the thorax. In the case of this skinny version, apply the thorax dubbin in the conventional manner rather than with a dubbing loop. You can also use regular marabou for the tail in place of the Mottlebou I used here, but you'll miss out on the super sexy varigation the Mottlebou adds to the fly. Hell, you can sub in all sorts of materials here: regular rubber legs, sili legs, all sorts of different dubbing, even try using a Thinskin wingcase in place of the turkey tail slip. Go crazy.