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Flash King
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Pattern Flash King
Flash King
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Category Streamers
Entered Fri, 01 Apr 2011
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 5262 #8-12>>>>> Thread: 70 Denier Black>>>>> Tail: GoldenPheasant Tippet Fibers>>>>> Body: Fine or Medium Black Chenille>>>>> Hackle: Brown Hen Saddle>>>>> Wing: Multi- Color Krystal Flash (aka Rainbow KF)
Pattern Description
The Flash King is a cool little local pattern indigenous to the Roaring Fork River. Drew Reid introduced me to this fly and I used to tie dozens of them for Roaring Fork Anglers back in the day. Tied like an old style wet fly and fished much the same way, this larger than a typical wet yet smaller than a typical streamer pattern has been a sort of secret weapon on both the Fork and the Colorado. Twist a few up and find a spare spot in your box for a couple of these flies. Remember to pull them out when the fish get a little funky and just need a new (old) look.