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Carp Slider, Spinato's
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Pattern Carp Slider, Spinato's
Carp Slider, Spinato's
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Category Warmwater
Entered Sun, 16 Dec 2012
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 5262 #6-10>>>>> Thread: 140 Denier UTC, Flo. Orange>>>>>> Eyes: Medium Bead Chain>>>>> Tail: Marabou>>>>> Body: Sparkle Yarn, Antron Yarn or EP Fibers, faced with a couple strands of a brighter color for visibility
Pattern Description
This pattern was introduced to me by Captain Frank Praznik while spending a day on a certain front range reservoir sight fishing for carp. Developed by Andrew Spinato, formerly of Longmont, Colorado, this simple little slider is a soft landing, easy casting offering that got eaten all day long. You can tie this fly in all sorts of colors, and even sub in antron yarn or EP fibers for the body as available. I usually face mine with a couple bunches of bright colored material just because it makes them easier to see int he water and that allows me to spot and work the fly a bit more effectively. If you're getting into carp fishing, this pattern certainly should be in your box and is an easy to tie effective fish catcher for these not so easy fish.