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Flip Flop, Craven's
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Pattern Flip Flop, Craven's
Flip Flop, Craven's
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Category Saltwater
Entered Wed, 18 Sep 2013
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 811S #2-6>>>>> Thread: Flo. Shell Pink UTC 140 on #2 and 4, UTC 70 on #6>>>>> Eyes: Large Silver Bead Chain on #2 and 4, medium on #6>>>>> Antennae: Black Krystal Flash and Copper Krystal Flash>>>>> Spreader: Dubbing Ball made from Tan Craft Fur Underfur>>>>> Mouthparts: Tan Craft Fur, Guard Hair only>>>>> Eyes: 25 pound test Mason Hard Mono melted and dipped in Flo. Orange paint/epoxy mixture>>>>> Tentacles?: Superfloss, Shrimp Color, Barred with Orange and Brown Sharpie marker>>>>> Legs: Superfloss, Shrimp color, Barred with Orange and Brown Sharpie marker>>>>> Body: Tan Craft Fur Underfur Spun in Dubbing Loop >>>>> Barring: Brown Sharpie Marker
Pattern Description
My Flip Flop came about after several trips to the Bahamas to chase bonefish. Our semi-yearly trip to South Andros is always one of the highlights of the year and always fills my head with ideas and notions about new patterns. While the fish in the Bahamas seem to love my Ragin' Craven pattern, it's lead eyes are often too heavy for the shallow waters, so starting with a slightly slimmed down and lighter Ragin' and tweaking it here and there over a few trips I have arrived at the Flip Flop. It's a fun fly to tie that ends up with some personality from the little orange eyes and it works great for tailing and cruising fish as well. I typically tie it in a size two for the Bahamas but it works well in Belize and Mexico too, just tied a bit smaller.