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Barr's Tung Stone, Golden
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Pattern Barr's Tung Stone, Golden
Barr's Tung Stone, Golden
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Category Nymphs
Entered Wed, 30 Oct 2013
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 5262>>>>> Thread: Yellow 6/0 Danville>>>>> Tail: Gold Goose biots>>>>> Rib: 3X mono>>>>> Flashback: Pearl Lateral Scale>>>>> Shellback: Mottled Bustard Thinskin>>>>> Abdomen: Wapsi SowScud dubbing, tan>>>>> Legs: Gold dyed Grizzly hen saddle>>>>> Wingcases: Mottled Bustard Thinskin>>>>> Thorax: Wapsi SowScud dubbing, tan
Pattern Description
This pattern is one of my very favorite golden stone nymph patterns. John Barr has an uncanny ability to design flies that not only look good but catch fish too and they are typically pretty simple flies. The Tung Stone has a few tricks here and there but overall is an easy tie and a great addition to your repertoire. I tie mine in sizes 6 through 14 and they are a great pattern to use throughout the Spring. The Colorado and Arkansas Rivers are prime golden stone habitat and there have been many days when the Tungstone has earned its spot on my tippet on these waters.