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Parachute Emerger
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Pattern Parachute Emerger
Parachute Emerger
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Entered Mon, 06 Sep 2004
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 2487 #16-24 Thread: Gray 8/0 or 14/0 Abdomen: Olive Brown Superfine Dubbing Parachute Post: 2mm white foam Hackle: Blue Dun Rooster Neck Thorax: Gray Beaver Dubbing
Pattern Description
The Parachute Emerger is a variation of the fantastic Barr Emerger. The addition of the parachute hackle and foam post adds floatation and visibility to a pattern that mimics an emerging nymph to a T. There are a couple tricks to tying this fly and you may have noticed I've eliminated the shuck from the original pattern. There is no need for a shuck on this fly because when you think about it, the fly imitates a floating nymph and the shuck would imitate the empty nymphal husk. How can the nymph be floating with the shuck hanging off the back? The shuck only makes sense on a crippled dun pattern, so...no shuck. The foam post adds a few advantages to tying the parachute hackle in that it doesn't need to be posted with thread previous to wrapping the hackle feather. The foam will compress and grip the hackle stem facilitating real ease in wrapping the hackle feather. You can change this pattern to imitate different bugs by altering the color of the thorax dubbing to match other insects, yellow for a PMD, tan for a Red Quill etc... When fishing this fly apply floatant only to the post and hackle and allow the body to become saturated and sink below the surface.