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Go to Hell Variant
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Pattern Go to Hell Variant
Go to Hell Variant
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Category Dries
Entered Wed, 15 Sep 2004
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 100SP-BL #10-18 Thread: 10/0 Chartreuse Gudebrod Wing: White Calf Body Hair Tag: Pearlescent Mirage Tinsel, medium Tail: White Calf Body Hair Abdomen: Flo. Green 70 Denier UTC tying thread Thorax: Black Peacock Ice Dubbing Hackle: Brown and Grizzly Mixed, I like Whiting Sadlles here as they provide a really dense collar.
Pattern Description
I came up with the GTH Variant this summer after floating the Eagle River outside of Wolcott, Colorado with a good friend of mine. The Eagle is an under-rated river that holds a surprising amount of fish. The fish were all healthy, perfect specimens as well, and they rose freely to a variety of attractor type dries. Lime Humpies, H&L Variants, Goddard Caddis and the like were the order of the day, and in the afternoon during a rainstorm, I even managed a couple fish on a Royal Wulff. I know the Wulff doesn't surprise most of you, but I can honestly say these were the first fish I had caught on an RW since I was a kid! I guess the fly just doesn't appeal to me that much and thus I don't use it too often. One thing I re-noticed about the RW is the amazing visibility it affords the angler, especially in low light conditions. Once I got home, I got to thinking about combining some of the attributes of the Lime Humpy, H&L and the Royal Wulff. The result is now known as the Go to Hell Variant. This pattern uses the white calf body hair wings of the Royal Wulff, the white calf body hair tail and body profile of the H&L, and the lime coloration of the Humpy. I added an Adams hackle collar of mixed brown and grizzly hackle, slightly oversized to really stand the fly up in broken water. The pearlescent Mirage tinsel tag was added because it's just so easy and really can't hurt, and it adds a nice bit of sparkle to the pattern. This pattern is a bit complicated for beginning tying skils, but uses some pretty straight forward techniques that should come easily from other patterns on the site. Tie some of these up and see what you think. Charlie