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Yarn Indicator Knot
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Pattern Yarn Indicator Knot
Yarn Indicator Knot
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Category Nymphs
Entered Tue, 21 Sep 2004
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Materials Needed: Polypropylene Macrame Yarn Leader Butt, Comb and Scissors
Pattern Description
The yarn indicator is the most sensitive indicator I have found. While there are commercially made versions available, I prefer to tie my own from macramé yarn directly into the leader butt. The knot I use is a relatively simple slipknot, but the yarn is attached in a unique manner. Follow the directions closely and try this indicator the next time youre out. It is more buoyant, visible and sensitive than any other indicator, and while it can be a bit wind resistant to cast, the sensitivity far outweighs any liabilities.