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Stillwater Nymph
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Pattern Stillwater Nymph
Stillwater Nymph
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Entered Thu, 30 Sep 2004
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 5262 or 5263 #10-16 Weight: Lead Wire, sized to hook Thread: 6/0 Olive Tail: Olive Marabou Shellback: Olive Marabou Rib: Copper Wire Hackle: Grizzly Dyed Orange Body: Olive Seal Dubbing Substitute
Pattern Description
The Stillwater Nymph is a pattern from lake fishing guru, Denny Rickards. This pattern has always intrigued me. It seems as though it can be taken as a scud, damsel nymph, callibaetis nymph, leech or even a small minnow. Flies that cross over and imitate a variety of food forms are always attractive to me because they let you pick one fly and concentrate on the fishing rather than switching back and forth between ten patterns. This pattern is really a pretty simple variation on a wooly bugger and does not require any advanced tying skills. I have tied a bunch of different color and size variations in preparation for spring. I can't wait to use them. Tie a few up and stash them in your box, patterns like this are handy to have around when you encounter a hidden lake or pond and don't have any stillwater-specific patterns with you.