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Black Nosed Dace
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Pattern Black Nosed Dace
Black Nosed Dace
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Category Streamers
Entered Fri, 12 Nov 2004
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 765 TC, #2-10 Thread: 70 Denier, Black Tail: Red Darlon Body: Flat Silver Mylar Tinsel Wing: Brown over Black over White Bucktail
Pattern Description
The Black Nosed Dace is a traditional bucktail streamer pattern. After a long absence from western fishing, it has made a recent comeback with the rising popularity of these classic streamers. Bucktails are really very simple to tie, and the techniques used here are transferable to many other bucktail patterns. The Mickey Finn and Little Rainbow Trout are other bucktails tied with many of the same techniques. Like the Black Ghost pattern listed here on the site, I have used the Tiemco 765TC hook here, as, again, the loop eye return wire makes a nice wide foundation for the wing and the ultra-sharp point is wickedly sticky. I have to admit, I haven't fished a bucktail pattern in years, but after tying a few in preparation for this tutorial, I am looking forward to hanging one off the back of one of Dennis' big, heavy Vanilla Ices or even a standard bugger. I think a slim profile fly like this would be a great trailer fly...not too imposing or heavy, subtle yet deadly. I have to go tie a few more.