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Charlie's Wiggle Damsel
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Pattern Charlie's Wiggle Damsel
Charlie's Wiggle Damsel
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Category Stillwater
Entered Thu, 20 Jan 2005
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 101 #14 or 16 for the abdomen/extended portion, TMC 3761 #14 or 16 for the front end. The sizes should match front and back, whichever size you choose. Thread: Olive 6/0 or 70 denier Body: Olive Marabou Extension attachment/loop: 3X Monofilament Eyes: Small or extra-small brass bead chain, OR small mono nymph eyes.
Pattern Description
The Wiggle Damsel is a pattern I came up with about fifteen years ago at the request of my good friend, Marty Cecil. Marty is the manager of Colorado's Elktrout Lodge. Elktrout has several spring-fed ponds that are home to awesome damsel hatches and Marty needed a pattern with a little more wiggle to it. I played with several different ideas and finally settled on this version, as it is very easy to tie and seems to hold up pretty well too. The jointed body allows the abdomen to swing from side to side on the retrieve and elevates when the heavy bead chain eyes pull the front of the fly down. I have also tied this fly with mono eyes, and they work well too, especially over weedbeds where the standard bead eyes are just a bit too heavy and cause the fly to dive into the weeds. I like to fish this fly on a long leader and sight cast it to fish cruising the banks looking for the emerging damsels. Their reactions have proven this pattern has the right stuff. I mean, when they light up and rush the fly, you know you've done something right!