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Jumbo John
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Pattern Jumbo John
Jumbo John
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Entered Mon, 24 Jan 2005
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 2499SP-BL #6-8 Thread: Black, 70 or 140 Denier for Abdomen and Thorax, 70 Denier Florescent Fire Orange for head. Bead: Spirit River Hot Bead, Sized appropriately for hook. Weight: .025 Lead wire Tail: Brown Goose Biots Abdomen: Ultra-Wire, Copper and Copper-Brown in Medium Size, tied in and wrapped simultaneously Flash: Pearl Saltwater Flashabou Wingcase: Brown Thinskin Thorax: Arizona Synthetic Peacock Dubbing Legs: Hot Orange Medium Round Rubber Legs Coating: 5-minute Epoxy Hackle: Mottled Brown Hen Saddle
Pattern Description
The Jumbo John is yet another creation from the vise of the amazing John Barr. I don't know what this guy takes that makes him so creative, but I want some! The Jumbo was developed for steelhead, both Pacific and the Great Lakes varieties, as well as sea run trout in the southern hemisphere. Lucky for those of us that are landlocked, the Jumbo produces well for regular old trout too. While this fly seems giant when compared to a standard Copper John, it really is just a medium sized stonefly nymph. John ties these in all Black with a Pink bead, Copper/Copper-Brown with an Orange bead and Gold/Black with a gold bead. The Gold version is a dead ringer for the golden stone nymphs here in Colorado. I also found that the jumbo is a great dropper pattern behind a streamer. Tie it on a 2 or 3X dropper about eighteen inches behind your favorite streamer and fish away. Oftentimes, fish will chase the streamer only to turn off at the last second. This is your cue to stop the retrieve and let the Jumbo dead drift for a second or two. The drift is usually interrupted with a chomp! Tie a few up and see what you think... Variety: It never hurts.