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Pattern Rs-2
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Category Emergers
Entered Sat, 26 Feb 2005
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Materials Needed: All materials used here available for mail order. Please use the contact form for pricing and details.

Hook: TMC 101 or 100 #16-24 Thread: 8/0 Gray Tails: Two white or dun Microfibetts Abdomen: Adams Gray Superfine dubbing, grey beaver or muskrat dubbing Wing: Bright White Antron Yarn Thorax: Adams Gray Superfine dubbing, grey beaver or muskrat dubbing
Pattern Description
The RS-II is a simple effective fly developed by Rim Chung for Colorado's South Platte River. I have to admit that this is one of my favorite flies. If I had to answer the old question of which fly I would pick if I could only have one, this fly would probably get the nod. When I guided on the South Platte it seemed that at least one of my clients always had an RS-II on, and I would bet that half the fish my clients caught were victims of this fly. Confidence in a pattern can make all the difference and the RS-II is my number one 'Confidence Fly'. The pattern that we will tie here is not Rim's original, but a variation that I developed over the years, using alternative synthetic materials. Synthetics are more durable, easier to get and more consistent than their natural counterparts. There are a few tricks I've incorporated into our RS-II variation: The first is the tail splitting technique using the tag end of the thread. I first saw this method used by Scott Sanchez in the book, TYING FLIES WITH JACK DENNIS AND FRIENDS. It is so simple and obvious (once you see it) that it will leave you slapping your forehead and wondering why you didn't think of it first. The next trick I use when tying the RS-II is melting the antron wing clump. This fuses the fibers together on one end and allows you to use the same clump for up to a dozen flies. If you try to tie the RS-II without fusing the antron you'll find that you'll be lucky to get four flies tied before the strand of antron falls apart. This method makes for more efficient use of both your time and materials. The RS-II is a mayfly emerger pattern that can be fished from the stream bottom to the surface. I most often fish it on the bottom as a nymph with a dead drift, but it can be effective on the swing or greased in the surface film also. While the standard RS-II color is gray, this fly is a killer in black and olive.