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San Juan Worm

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step: 1
Pattern Description
I know, I know...A WORM? Of all the cool flies on this site, the San Juan Worm is the latest update? WTF? Well, there have been alot of folks coming in lately asking me how to tie this simple critter, as it seems it is passed over in many tying classes and books. You know it is not like me to leave something out, so here is the worm, in all it's glory! Some folks shun the worm, remembering their baitfishing days and frowning on such a lowly imitation. All I can say is, "EMRACE THE WORM!!" Worms imitate an actual aquatic annelid that lives in the streambottom and are every bit the natural food of the trout that a beautiful PMD is, so get off the high horse and admit it, you like the worm and you catch fish on it! LOL Here's how to tie these little suckers. Be sure to whip some up in dark brown with rust thread, worm brown with pink thread, red with red thread and orange with orange thread and bright pink with pink thread. Brighter colors work well in off color water, so don't be afraid to fish a big, bright worm when the water is a bit dirty.
Materials Needed:

Hook: TMC 3761 #12 or 14 Thread: 6/0 to match or contrast body Body: Ultra-Chenille
step: 2
Begi by laying a thread base from the eye to the bend of the hook. Be sure to completely cover the shank with the tying thread. Leave the thread hanging at the bend. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 3
Place a two inch length of Ultra chenille on top of the hook with the majority of it hanging beyond the bend. Bind the chenille down with four or five tight turns of thread right at the bend. Make these turns one on top of the other. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 4
Lift the front end of the chenile up and wrap the thread forward to just behind the hook eye. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 5
Pull the chenille back down against the shank and bind it down with another bunch of tight wraps. Make these wrps form a band from the back edge of the hook eye extending back about another two to three eye lengths. Build up a bit of thread to form an oval shaped lump. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 6
Whip finish on top of the thread band and clip the thread. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 7
Singe the ends of the chenille with a lighter to taper the tips. Add a coat of head cement to the thread wraps and the bottom side of the hook shank for durability. Yeah, that's it! charlie's flybox
charlies flybox