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Yellow Sally Adult

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step: 1
Pattern Description
I originally tied this pattern way back in the day when I was doing a lot of guiding up in Cheesman Canyon. During the summer months you see a lot of small yellow craneflies skittering around up there, and my intent was to match these bugs with this fly. It was later, on the Colorado River, that I discovered how effective this pattern could be for Yellow Sallies. The addition of the tag makes this fly match the colors of the real Sally. I tied this pattern with a fore and aft hackle to allow for skittering, as the naturals are adept at running across the water with the trout in hot pursuit. Exact imitation is not necessary in this pattern as the fly is typically skittered with short pauses and the fish never really get a good look at it. Yellow Sallies are a small stonefly, most commonly matched by hook sizes 14-18. They have a red/orange butt and are a pronounced yellow color. Sometimes you'll see the Lime Sallies, which are more green/chartreuse in color and this pattern can easily be adapted to match them too. I know this pattern doesn't seem too interesting off the bat, but like most simple flies, it can be all you'll ever need.
Materials Needed:

Hook: TMC 100 #14-18 Thread: 8/0 Yellow or chartreuse Tag: Hot Orange Float-Viz Hackle: Pale Yellow Saddle Hackle Body: Sulphur Orange Superfine dubbing or Hot Yellow Antron
step: 2
Attach the thread one eye length back from the hook eye and wrap a thread base back to the bend. Return the thread to the index point once again. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 3
Tie a small clump of Orange Float-Viz in at the rear edge of the index point with a couple tight turns of thread. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 4
Hold the Float-Viz up above the hook as you wrap back over it to the bend with the tying thread. Anchor the Float-Viz with a couple tight turns at the bend of the hook. Leave the long end of the tag hanging for the time being. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 5
Select, size and prep (prep means to strip some fibers from the bottom end of the feather, exposing the stem) a yellow saddle hackle feather (Whiting 100 Packs work great here). Tie the feather in by its butt end at the bend of the hook with the outside of the feather facing you. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 6
Wrap the hackle feather forward in three or four tight concentric turns. Make these wraps close together and compacted. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 7
Tie the hackle feather off with a couple tight turns of thread and clip the excess. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 8
Dub a relatively level body from the front edge of the hackle up to about two eye lengths back from the hook eye. Keep the body sort of on the thick side. These little stones aren't as slender as you'd think. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 9
If you used a saddle hackle feather, grab the remaining length from the first time you tied it in and re-prepare it as before. Tie this new length of hackle in at the front edge of the dubbed body and bring the thread right up to the back edge of the hook eye. If you have a tendency to crowd the eye, and you know that you do, leave yourself a bit of space between the thread and the hook eye here. You still need to tie off the hackle and build a small thread head in the front. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 10
Wrap the front hackle forward with three or four more tight concentric turns. Tie this hackle off just behind the hook eye. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 11
Clip the excess hackle tip and build a smooth thread head to cover the butt end. Whip finish and clip the thread. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 12
Clip the Float-Viz at the bend into a short brush about half a hook gap width long. That's it. You did it. Now, do it again about a dozen times and you'll be set;-) charlie's flybox
charlies flybox