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Top Secret Midge, Dorsey's

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step: 1
Pattern Description
This simple little pattern from Pat Dorsey has become a Rocky mountain tailwater favorite over the past few years. It's easy to tie and matches up well with many of the midges found on your favorite winter time haunts. Pat uses a craft store product called Glamour Madeira for the wing, but it can be pretty tough to find, so I have substituted white Fluoro Fiber in its place on the pattern shown here and I am sure it will work fine. You probably have all the parts for this fly already sitting on your bench so there's no reason not to sit down and twist a few up for your box. Get goin'...they ain't gonna tie themselves.
Materials Needed:

Hook: TMC 2488 #18-24>>>>> Thread: UNI Dark Brown 8/0>>>>> Rib: UNI White 6/0>>>>> Wing: White Flouro Fibre or Glamour Madeira (good luck finding that!)>>>>> Thorax: Mahogany Superfine Dubbing
step: 2
Start the brown 8/0 thread an eye length or so behind the hook eye with a jam knot and clip the tag end. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 3
With the white 6/0 UNI thread spooled in a separate bobbin, tie the end of the white thread in right on top of the brown thread start. Working the thread rib from a bobbin will make it easier to keep the thread corded up for a more prominent rib later. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 4
Wrap the brown thread back over the white thread down around the bend of the hook to the middle. Return the brown thread to the starting point making a smooth, level thread body as you go. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 5
Spin the bobbin holding the white thread rib until the thread cords up into a tight rope. Spiral wrap the white thread forward over the brown thread body creating a rib and tie it off at the front of the hook. Clip the white thread but hold onto it where it comes out of the bobbin so it doesn't pull back down the bobbin tube. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 6
Peel about a dozen strands of white Flouro Fibre from the hank and tie them in at the center of their length at the front of the body. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 7
Pull the front end of the Flouro Fibre back over the back half and hold it all in place on top of the hook while you bind the clump back with a couple additional wraps of thread. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 8
Like so... charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 9
Dub a tight strand of mahogany Superfine dubbing onto the thread and build a prominent ball at the head of the fly over the wing tie down area. End with bare thread behind the hook eye. The head should be slightly oversized to better match a midge pupa but don't get carried away. I said SLIGHTLY oversized... charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 10
Whip finish and clip the thread. Pull the Flouro Fibre forward over the top of the thorax and clip it even with the hook eye, leaving just a short stub. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 11
Repeat, as necessary, until your box is full. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox