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Screaming Banshee Video

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Pattern Description
This is a fun little pattern I came up with last summer designed as a skating caddis pattern. Modeled after some old time steelhead skater patterns, the Banshee features a forward facing planing wing that allows the fly to skate and skitter unlike anything else you've seen. While it does indeed skate wonderfully, the wide profile and surface area provide fantastic flotation for a fly that will stay up all day. The broad profile makes the fly sit low in the surface and even crosses over nicely for a cripple when fished dead drift in the shallow stuff right up on the bank. This is a really fun fly to fish and can be tied in a bunch of colors to match the flavor of your local bugs.
Materials Needed:

Hook: TMC 2487 #14-20>>>>> Thread: 8/0 Uni, to match dubbing>>>>> Forward Wing: Natural Yearling Elk Hair>>>>> Shellback: Leftover butt ends of forward wing>>>>> Abdomen: Small Opal Mirage Tinsel>>>>> Thorax: Superfine Dubbing>>>>> Wing: Natural Deer Hock
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