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Loop Wing Emerger

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step: 1
Pattern Description
This fly is one of my favorites for spring and fall baetis hatches. It imitates the adult mayfly just starting to creep out of the shuck. You can tie it a variety of color combinations to match other bugs as well and I sometimes tie it in all gray or olive to mimic a crippled dun. When fishing this fly, do not apply floatant to it, the CDC has more than enough buoyancy on it's own and adding floatant will only hinder the CDC. Once you've caught a fish just rinse the fly, dry it off (I use my shirt sleeve although a paper towel carried specifically for this purpose can be a great help) and apply a dusting of Frog's Fanny desiccant. Blow the excess off and you're back in action. This pattern is also great fished on the bottom or midway through the water column as an emerging nymph.
Materials Needed:

Hook: TMC 100 #18-24 Thread: 8/0 or14/0 Gray Tail: Three pheasant tail fibers Abdomen: Brown beaver dubbing Wingcase: Natural Mallard CDC Thorax: Gray beaver dubbing Legs: Leftover tips of CDC wingcase
step: 2
Start by bending the front half of the hook up slightly with a pair of forceps as shown in photo 1. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 3
Attach the thread at the midpoint and wrap back to the bend. Tie in three pheasant tail fibers that are one half a shank length long at the bend and wrap forward over their butts to the midpoint on the hook. Clip the excess butts. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 4
Apply brown dubbing to the thread and build a tapered abdomen from the bend to the seventy percent point on the shank. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 5
Tie in a whole CDC feather by its butt end at the front edge of the abdomen. Wrap back over the CDC with the thread to slightly overlap onto the abdomen to approximately the sixty percent point. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 6
Cut the butt ends of the CDC feather off at the back of the index point. Apply the gray beaver dubbing to the thread and wrap it to form an egg-shaped thorax section up to one eye length behind the eye. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 7
Pull the CDC feather forward over the hook eye so it is taut... charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 8
...then push it back to form the "loop". charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 9
Tie the CDC loop off with the thread just behind the hook eye. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 10
Divide the remaining tips of the wingcase fibers into equal halves and tie them back along the sides of the thorax. If needed, trim the legs so they are equal in length to the thorax. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 11
Form a smooth neat head and whip finish. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox