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Craven's Poison Tung

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step: 1
Pattern Description
The Poison Tung is a wonderfully simple fly that has become a serious fish catcher for me. I have been tying patterns like this for several years, but the advent of the 2mm tungsten bead has made all the difference for this fly. The small profile combined with an extremely heavy density make this fly sink like a stone and stay along the bottom where fish are most likely to eat it. This is a great dropper under a dry as well as a great single or tandem pattern under an indicator. This fly is so quick and easy to tie, and works so well, you too will find yourself picking it out of the box on a regular basis. For those of you who think the fly may not be durable because the wire is not tied to the hook in the traditional manner, I assure you that it is. I have caught over thirty fish on one Poison Tung and it showed few signs of wear, the biggest of which was the fact that the coloring on the wire had started to wear off! Grab a couple materials and tie up some Poison Tungs. I'd love to hear your success stories.
Materials Needed:

step: 2
Place bead on hook and secure it in the vise. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 3
Wrap small black wire around shank from bend to one eye length behind bead. Wrap this wire as you would lead wire. There is no need to bind the wire to the shank with thread. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 4
Helicopter the ends of the wire until they break off. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 5
Attach the thread at the front of the wire and wrap back over the last two turns to secure it. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 6
Dub a small head, approximately the same diameter as the bead. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox
step: 7
Whip finish immediately behind the bead and trim the thread. charlie's flybox
charlies flybox