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Welcome Guest to Charlie's FlyBox!
Welcome to Charlie's FlyBox!
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Mon, 28 Aug 2017
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Charlie's Fly Box - American Angler's 2009 Retailer of the Year!

Charlie's FlyBox



Charlie's FlyBox


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Brand New Fly Tying Video Featuring The One and Only Charlie Craven
Now In The Fly Box!!

The Stimulator enjoys the reputation of being one of the most popular dry flies in the Rockies. Fly shops sell them by the hundreds of dozens, and its no wonder. Developed by Randall Kauffmann the Stimulator is a great floater, highly visible, and sports a wide, fish-attracting profile. A good match for an adult stonefly, it mimics caddis and terrestrial insects just as well. Overall, this fly just yells "Food!" to the fish, and I always have some in my box. At first glance, the Stimulator looks complicated, but its made up of all the same components and steps as the Elk Hair Caddis.


Located at 7513 Grandview Avenue (57th and Wadsworth, one mile north of I-70), our 2500 square foot space is packed with the best of the best fly fishing gear, fly tying materials, rods, reels and associated merchandise along with the massive fly selection (many tied in-house) you'd expect from folks who live and die on the fly.
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For directions if you're driving North on Wadsworth click here.

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Biggest selection of Tying material anywhere!

Our immense fly tying material selection will make the devoted tyer drool. Couple this with our extensive fly tying and fishing experience and you get a big sigh of relief from those of us who have been frustrated by other area shops.

We carry some of the best gear available!

While we have an impressive selection of gear from the best names in the industry (Sage, Scott, St. Croix, Simms, Korkers, Ross, Abel and Galvan among others), we consider our most significant asset to be our exemplary customer service. We've all been in shops with that better than you attitude and we promise not to let that happen here. We look forward to meeting each and every one of you, answering your questions, learning from your answers and building friendships. After all, this is fishing, and it's supposed to be fun.

Welcome to Charlie's FlyBox, and thanks for stopping by. We are proud to offer some of the best fly tying tutorials on the web with an ever-expanding pattern database. If there is a fly pattern that you'd like to see that isn't already here, or an original pattern you're dying to show off, please use the contact form to bring it to our attention and we'll do our best to add it to the site.