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Brandon Patterson
Brandon is one of the most enthusiastic anglers I've ever met and has recently joined Team CFB to help with our flyfishing classes as well as everyday shop work. An avid tyer, Brandon is as at home behind the vise as well as the oars. He's the tall, blond Adonis looking guy when you come in, so keep an eye out and don't let him off easy.
Charlie Craven
I'm Charlie Craven, the guy on the sign. I got started in this business as a commercial tyer when I was twelve years old. I have tied flies for most of the shops in the Metro area during that time. I guided on the South Platte and other area waters for about twelve years or so, then moved on to help open and run a fly shop in Boulder. Well, eventually, it was time to move on and finally do what you see here: Open my own shop. I love this business and can't imagine not being a part of it. I am truly lucky to have realized my lifetime dream, and I thank my lucky stars everyday. I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know people from all walks of life, with the common thread being fly fishing and tying. These are my kind of people! I have always loved trout fishing and go out every chance I get. My favorite rivers vary from season to season, but include the South Platte, the Colorado and the Eagle among others. I have done a fair amount of saltwater fishing and I find it truly challenging and addictive. I've been to Belize, Mexico, the Bahamas and the Florida Keys several times and plan on continuing this addiction as time allows. My wife, Lisa and I have five or six kids, two giant dogs and make our home down in Palmer Lake, Colorado.
Dave Cook
"Cookie" as we like to call him, has been with us since the dawn of time and has been a great asset to us here at the shop. Dave is a North Platte River expert as well as an experienced guide and shop guy. Dave spent the early part of his career in France learning to craft "artisan" breads and pastries. Dave also has a deep love for salsa dancing and can be found on any given Saturday night merengue-ing his way across the dance floor at a variety of local dives. Dave was an astronaut, puppy doctor and international diplomat before joining our team, and loves to hear stories about when you were a kid or the old wooden rod your grandad had. If you want to know his favorite flies or secret spots, all you need is a sugary treat to offer up and he's putty in your hands! Come visit with Dave the next time you're in!
Jonathan Craven
A few of you have met Jack, our little helper here in the shop. He loves to help at the register and is actually getting pretty good at ringing out sales. He's six years old, going on about 22 and is one of the coolest kids you'll ever meet. Come by and say Hi to Jack the next time you're in...but be careful, he may talk you into buying a piece of his latest artwork, or chew your ear off about his last fishing trip. Of course, he might just completely ignore you, but hey, he's six!